Civility and Respect has huge implications for the implementation and success of a restorative just culture in any setting. We believe that is should be at the centre of all efforts to be restorative and at the core of all our policies and processes, particularly when these are being re-designed and/or reviewed to support and facilitate restorative processes.

Collectively, we must ensure staff feel valued, supported and empowered to carry out their work. This needs to be role modelled throughout teams and organisations.

Safe and continuous care is dependent on high performing health care teams supported by high performing operations teams. Civility and respect is a key behaviour within teams and contributes to the development of psychological safety allowing team members to feel safe and be their best. As Dr Chris Turner reminds us “Incivility robs teams of their potential” but civility and respect helps to foster compassion, support, kindness, empowerment, and an environment where we help each other to be out best and catch each other when we fall.

Leaders and managers at all levels have an integral role to play in exhibiting behaviours and demonstrating values that lead to a culture of civility and respect. In Leadership: Our NHS Way, we are reminded that the circumstances we work in can be stressful and everyone goes to work wanting to provide the best service we can and be part of a modern workforce built on compassion, respect, inclusion, kindness and professionalism. Much of the time people behave in a way that demonstrates this, but it is not universal.

The NHS People Promise reminds us that the NHS is an extraordinary, world-class service and together we have achieved, and continue to achieve, the extraordinary. We should all feel proud of this and to continue this we need to act and behave in a way that is compassionate and inclusive, we recognise and reward others, we recognise that we each have a voice that counts, we ensure we are all safe and healthy, we are always learning, we work flexibly and we act and behave as a team. All of which are central to and built upon civility and respect.

There is so much excellent work going on right now in the area of civility and respect such as:

  • NHS England Civility and Respect Programme
  • Civility Saves Lives
  • I Will Speak Up, I will Listen Up, I Will Follow Up
  • The Bystander Campaign

On the following pages we are highlighting two great areas of work in this area with the associated resources which can be used to implement this in your organisation:

NHS England Civility and Respect Programme

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust Civility and Respect

If you would like to share the work that you and your Trust is doing in this area then head over to the forum and start sharing on the Civility and Respect discussion board, we would love to hear what you are doing and to share it here.

For now, we will leave you with our esteemed colleague Dr Chris Turner, to who we are grateful for his work, passion and dedication in this area so that we all might benefit.