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One of the fundamental aims of this community of practice is that we all as a community share our challenges and best practices so that we might find solutions and a common purpose in our aim to implement a restorative just culture. Its good to remember that what might need repair or restorative in one organisation might not be the same as another, so sharing our journey with each can often help to trigger an idea or the beginning of a solution that will develop elsewhere.

If you would like to share your restorative just culture journey so far, your ideas, your challenges, successes, or anything else you think the restorative just culture could benefit from, there are a number of ways that you can get involved:

Discussion Forum

The discussion forum tab on this website is where you can reach out and access all the members of this community. You can start a discussion about any topic and invite questions and start to find solutions to your challenges in this online space, either to your own organisation or the whole community.

Speaker Series

The RJC Community Speaker Series – we are launching our very own speaker series and would like to feature the best of the best in implementing restorative just cultures (this is you by the way) so we would like to see a hands up from those of you would be interested in hosting a speaker slot. There is not script from us, just your own live session based on common issues you have identified from the community forum discussion that you think others could benefit from by listening to how you and your organisation have done something. This could be the form of a speaker session, Q&A, interactive polls, mini workshop or anything else you think would help all of our members as a community as they work to implement a restorative just culture in their organisation. Use the contact us option, The RJC Community Speaker Series discussion forum space or #TheRJCCommunitySpeaker Series and we will pick this up from there.

RJC Conference 2023

The Restorative Just Culture Conference 2023 - in 2023 we are hoping to bring the first Restorative Just Culture Conference related to organisational restorative practices. We will be inviting speakers, practitioners, healthcare professionals, participants, students, delegates, and exhibitors to contribute to this field. This will be a discussion of restorative just culture related topics and the ways that they have advanced our ways of working, leadership, patient safety and many more but ultimately how as humans we have connected through a more compassionate and kinder way of working together. The conference will be organised to bring together practitioners, health care professionals, operational managers, HR and OD, policymakers, politicians, and researchers, union representative, Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and anyone who would like to benefit from this knowledge and sharing.

Host a Webinar Event