Join our RJC research community

We are currently exploring developing and piloting research studies in the following areas:

  • Barriers and enables to implementing a restorative just culture.

  • Creating psychological safety in short tenure rapid response multidisciplinary teams deployed in the coronavirus outbreak.

  • The effect of civility and respect on psychological safety in the workplace.

  • Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of civility and respect in a time of COVID-19 and how this can inform our practice.

  • Tackling racism in the NHS - working with WRES data to understand what this means for restorative practices.

  • New Interpretations – which data sets do we really need to be working with to discover gaps and hidden stories in the quest for restorative practices.

If you would be interested in joining our research community as a participating Trust or partner for any of the research studies above or have an idea for a research collaboration that you think could benefit the community then please let us know and contact us